World Community Arts Day is February 17

With the theme “art as a catalyst for caring and sharing,” World Community Arts Day promotes creativity and personal expression. Celebrated on February 17, the organizers simply ask you to do an arts project, in any medium, that promotes the theme of “caring and sharing.” They then ask you to post it online and send them a link, so it can be included in their worldwide effort to promote the arts.

To share your art: Artists can add their work to Flickr And if you are like me, who created a collage to represent the green circle that symbolizes World Community Arts Day, then you can join the Green Circle Flickr Group and post it.

  • Whatever you decide, just do something creative on February 17

Image World Community Arts Day


  1. […] Last year, I contributed by creating a green collaged circle, the symbol that represents the day and submitting it to the festival’s green circle flickr page. This year, I’ve joined their facebook group. […]

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