Play Like a Kid

I’ve written before about the importance of play for kids. But it wasn’t until recently (after writing more about creativity and kids!) that I realized how integral play is for adults.

Reflecting on my own busy summer, I noticed how little of it I spent just playing. Remember when you were in school and you couldn’t wait for summer so you could play outside all day and into the evening?

Then you grew up and your life became over scheduled and there was little time left for play, even in the summer!

There is still time to add a little play time into your life. Even as summer comes to an end, find ways to look at life like a child:

  1. Get sidewalk chalk and color to your heart’s content
  2. Find a swing and soar to new heights
  3. Spend an afternoon blowing bubbles
  • What will you do to play like a kid?


  1. Love this post.. Made me really think about what I do to PLAY! Painting feels like play to me… So does swimming. I will go to the beach -while it’s still super hot, build sand castles and play in the waves!!! (thanks for the inspiration to play!!:)

  2. Thanks Kim!! Love your ideas. And the beach is one of my fave playgrounds too! Enjoy :))

  3. Beach. Definitely beach.

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