I’ll Be Back Soon!

I bet you’ve wondered what happened to me. I was a pretty prolific blogger for about the last 5 years sharing my quest for a more creative life by documenting my ups and downs with that endeavor. The last time I posted was in October which gives the impression that I am no longer blogging about creativity. Well, that is true to a certain point. I am still tweeting about it though!

So what happened?

Nothing really scandalous occurred. And part of the the truth, which may seem cliched is that real life got in the way. I’ve been finishing school and working on exciting new freelance projects. It wasn’t until my friend Patrick Ross (go read his blog in the meantime, if you want great content on creativity!) mentioned to me today that he was catching up on his blog reading and wondered if mine was on hiatus, that I realized I was indeed on hiatus. But I also realized that I missed this blog and my amazingly loyal readers, many of whom have become great friends.

The ultimate reason why I haven’t been blogging here is because I hate the design of my template and with everything else going on in my life right now I don’t have time to alter it to my liking. But that is going to change soon! I have already talked with someone to help me with this, because like creativity, sometimes life also involves collaboration.

With all of that said, I hope to see you back here in the spring with a new design, new content features and a welcome back giveaway.

  • Until then, be creative my friends!