How Are Your Creative Thinking Skills?

Don’t know? That’s why Dr. Robert Epstein has developed an online test that measures your creative ability by assessing four key skill sets used by creative thinkers. Dr. Epstein disregards the idea that creativity is “mysterious” and claims that by developing the right skills, everyone can enhance their creativity.

Based on 25 years of research, Dr. Epstein’s generativity theory concludes that capturing, challenging, broadening and surrounding are the skills we can all use to be more creative thinkers. These are skills I have been using for years not realizing they were also making me more creative. What I have learned from them though, is that enhancing your creativity is a mindful process that you must practice every day to see results.

Test Your Creativity

Some people think creativity is just for artists. Not so! We are all creative in our daily lives; it’s just exercised to different degrees.

For instance, a designer deals with creativity every day, but so does an accountant who gets dressed in the morning, drives to work or makes dinner. They all involve making creative decisions, especially if you encounter a traffic jam and need an alternative route.

  • Take this fun quiz designed by Dr. Robert Epstein to see how your creativity rates.