Earlier this week I had the opportunity to check out the latest exhibition at the Heights Arts Gallery. Layers features 11 artists who work in collage and exploit this medium in interesting ways.

Some of my favorite pieces in the show were created by Karin Bartimole. Her collaged books are like mini sculptures. Don’t you agree?

ImagesĀ Heights Arts andĀ Karin Bartimole

Chinese Holiday

My collage, Chinese Holiday, will be featured in the National Collage Society’s Postcard Exhibition at the Art Dialogue Gallery in Buffalo, NY.

  • The exhibition is now closed.

Pop-Shop Gallery

Last weekend, I went to a fun gallery event in Lakewood. The Pop-Shop celebrated their two-year anniversary – a big event for a Cleveland-area gallery. It was my first time there, so I was pleasantly surprised by the turn out. People in Cleveland really do like art, after all.

While there, I met Phoebe Marie, a collage artist. Her work was featured in the show and is delightfully whimsical