Paris Fashion Week

Fashion, as a creative expression, has always been an interest of mine. There is just something intriguing about designing clothes that are both artful and functional.

Here is an image of a Viktor & Rolf design taken during Paris Fashion Week. I love how instead of advertising a brand they are announcing an idea. Ok, more like shouting an idea at you.

But it is definitely a creative interpretation of a winter coat combined with a concept. The design made me take a second look and think.


  • Thoughts?

Image Viktor & Rolf

Graffiti Knitting

I love the creative spirit of Houston based Knitta. Inspired by graffiti art, Knitta was formed in 2005 when a group of knitters were looking for other uses for their unfinished projects and unused balls of yarn.

They came up with the idea to take their knitting to the public sphere, wrapping everything from light posts to fire hydrants.

Unlike graffiti art, Knitta’s work is made from colorful yarn that does not damage property and is not permanent.



  • How can you transform something by changing its context?

Image Knitta