Creative Giveaway

In the spirit of holiday giving, I have created a collage scrap pack for one lucky winner. The scrap pack has over 30 pieces of paper, ribbon and stickers: everything you need to get your creative holiday groove on during this enchanting season.

You can enter to win over at my arty blog. The contest is over.


Switching to a New Medium

Through this blog, I have encouraged you to explore all the facets of creativity and the various forms that it takes, whether it is the visual arts, music, fashion, theater or writing. Plus, I’ve even tried out a few for myself.

But what I found the most challenging and rewarding was switching to a new medium, within an already established artistic domain. For me, the switch was moving from collage and paper arts to beach glass and jewelry.

I’ve learned there are actually quite a few similarities to both. First, each requires a certain amount of collecting and organizing. This is a natural passion of mine, which I tend to attribute to the time I spent working in museums. Then there is the creative aspect of putting together disparate parts to develop something new, whether it is a collage or a pendant.

Finally, there is the growth aspect, not just as an artist but as a creator. If we are constantly creating in the same medium, we may not see the areas where we need to grow and develop. I believe by simply switching to a new medium, you become more aware of your growth and maybe you’ll discover and develop a passion you never knew you excelled at!

  • Try creating in a new medium.

Design Principles for Self Improvement (Part I)

Is it me, or have other people noticed the trend of applying design principles to personal growth? As a visual person I am intrigued by the possibilities of exposing these ideas to more people.

Why? Because we live in a society that is increasingly visually based and are inundated by millions of images on a daily basis. Why not understand these principles and use them to our benefit?

The first time I encountered this idea of design as a means of self-improvement was in Lucia Capacchione’s book, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams. Capacchione’s background is in design and art therapy and she blends her experience in both to inspire readers to create vision colleges to help them attain their dream life.

Her 10 design steps for visioning are:
1. Make a wish
2. Search for images and words
3. Focus on the vision
4. Compose the design
5. Explore and find order in creative chaos
6. Create the collage
7. Articulate the vision
8. Reinforce the dream
9. Embrace the reality
10. Celebrate the dream come true

  • Now, create your own collage.

My New Art Blog

When I started this blog over a year ago, one of my intentions, in addition to exploring all aspects of creativity, was to explore my own personal expression.

As someone who had worked in creative environments, mostly museums for many years, I had never really paid attention to my own art during that time. Leaving that part of my life behind allowed me more time to focus on my own work. I’ve posted some of my collages here but have now decided to dedicate an entire blog to my creative work and process.

DofC Designs will focus on collage*art*jewelry and document this new journey I have begun. Although, I’ll still be covering design and the visual arts here and may occasionally toss in an image or 2 of my work.

  • Look forward to seeing you there!

More New Collage

Here are more collages from my recent series. This one is my favorite, so far. The background turned out really well. And the rooster juxtaposed on the chair creates a dreamy quality.

This one has an interesting linear background and the best quote I think so far, “the future has arrived.”

  • If you created an art series, what would be the theme?

New Collage

I realize it has been awhile since I’ve posted images of my work. But now that I am in creative mode this morning, I thought I’d share some recent pieces.

Here is one I completed as part of a series of small works (postcard size) using fashion and design imagery. I’ve juxtaposed this with themes of time and memory on a colorful and textured background.

  • More to come.


Earlier this week I had the opportunity to check out the latest exhibition at the Heights Arts Gallery. Layers features 11 artists who work in collage and exploit this medium in interesting ways.

Some of my favorite pieces in the show were created by Karin Bartimole. Her collaged books are like mini sculptures. Don’t you agree?

Images Heights Arts and Karin Bartimole

More Collage

(note the collage is not crooked but the image is due to my lack of camera skills)

Here is another one I created at the CVAC workshop. This one includes tiny seashells and an old belt.

  • For inspiration, check out this museum devoted to collage.

Chinese Holiday

My collage, Chinese Holiday, will be featured in the National Collage Society’s Postcard Exhibition at the Art Dialogue Gallery in Buffalo, NY.

  • The exhibition is now closed.


After working on the pieces for my mail art class I became inspired and took a collage class at the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center to further explore this fascinating art form. Here is an example of what I created.

  • Try creating your own collage using found objects.